Hello there, I'm Sahil Dhiman aka @sahilister almost everywhere on the internet. I have been involved with Debian since DebConf20 when I started with volunteering for the video team. Since then I seem to gravitate towards various events happening in and around Debian. MiniDebConf Palakkad would serve as my first in-person Debian event. Hoping to meet many of the community members there after interacting with them for almost two years in online mode.

Accepted Talks:

DebConf23 Kochi BoF

DebConf23 Kochi, is the 24th edition of the annual Debian Conference. DebConf23 is the first DebConf happening in India and only the second to come to Asia after DebConf18 Hsinchu. Work is already underway for DebConf23 and in this BoF we want to introduce the conference while soliciting interested volunteers while also discussing the progress of various team, in person.

Mobile OpenStreetMap contribution on the go

OpenStreetMap (OSM), the Wikipedia of geospatial data, is one of the largest source of free geospatial data in the world. The project powers many commercial maps like Snap Maps, Instagram maps, disaster and humanitarian efforts via HOT and USAID among other things.

Mapping has largely been done on computer, via data collected on field surveys. In this talk, I want to show mobile OSM tools which can help mobile mapping and POI entry on the go. Mobile mapping specifically shine where data is missing like public offices, toilets, bus stops and commercial establishments like shops and eateries. These are essential POIs widespread adoption of OSM maps. I will demonstrate my workflow with applications like OsmAnd~, Street-Complete, Every Door and Organic Maps, which can help speed up your contributions process. Will also touch up on GPS data collection for mapping and calibration purposes.

Debian India BoF

We have been working to promote Debian in India. In this BoF, we plan to discuss what has been happening, and what is in store.

Cancelled Talks:

Self-hosting all the things!

Self-hosting is the practice of hosting and managing applications on your own server(s) instead of consuming from SaaSS providers. Do you want to have the power to self-host everything on your own setup where you’re not dependent on a third party to hold and manage your stuff. Concerned about the privacy and security of your data? Cost of managing stuff too high? Self-hosting is your answer to all. We will take you on an adventure to self-host your own website on the internet and learn about some of the awesome self-hosted tools!