To contact event organizers mail to: india [dot] mini [at] debconf [dot] org

Debian India


Debian India is a group of enthusiasts who would like to expand the Debian community in the sub-continent and thus to increase the number of active contributors to the project. We are actively organising various events like Debian Day, Debian Stable release parties, MiniDebConfs and DebUtsavs to get our contributors together at a place and also to bring more contributors to the project. We are also committed towards our non-English speaking communities by running multi-lingual tracks in conferences. In DebConf20 we had Malayalam language track and DebConf21, Indic languages track was successfully organized. We also organised a multi-lingual MiniDebConf Online edition in 2021, which was successor of several MiniDebConfs and DebUtsavs which happened in various educational institutions across India.



The FOSSNSS (FOSS Cell) of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad is a collective of students who like to explore and spread the open-source software and its ideology. Roots of this FOSS Cell dates back to the year 2009. The cell focus on contributing to Free and Open Source Software, advocating for free software and mentoring students to achieve excellence in various fields, leading the whole campus to the world of Freedom, Community and Free Software. Visit the Website to know more about FOSS NSS.