Mobile OpenStreetMap contribution on the go

Speaker: Sahil Dhiman


Type: Short talk

Room: Venue 1

Time: Nov 12 (Sat): 16:30

Duration: 0:30

OpenStreetMap (OSM), the Wikipedia of geospatial data, is one of the largest source of free geospatial data in the world. The project powers many commercial maps like Snap Maps, Instagram maps, disaster and humanitarian efforts via HOT and USAID among other things.

Mapping has largely been done on computer, via data collected on field surveys. In this talk, I want to show mobile OSM tools which can help mobile mapping and POI entry on the go. Mobile mapping specifically shine where data is missing like public offices, toilets, bus stops and commercial establishments like shops and eateries. These are essential POIs widespread adoption of OSM maps. I will demonstrate my workflow with applications like OsmAnd~, Street-Complete, Every Door and Organic Maps, which can help speed up your contributions process. Will also touch up on GPS data collection for mapping and calibration purposes.